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This time around we have new ambassadors to introduce, some very nice summer exchange stories and three new agents who will be working hard to find more exchange partners for you in Italy, Brazil and Slovenia. We also have three announcements about improved functionality online from our webmaster Ana Neto. And we have a new graphic for you to use on social media highlighting this season’s motto that “we are all richer when we share”.

Thanks for reading and here we go…!

A Few of Our New Ambassadors

In our last newsletter we began looking for experienced members interested in helping us spread the word about Intervac and home-exchange. A special thank you to everyone who contacted us and below meet a few of our new ambassadors.

Phil Marcisz

BelgiumPhil Marcisz (BE01020)

In 2013 our family decided to go for a richer and more adventurous holiday experience. We had heard about exchanging houses but had the impression that it was something ‘too good to be true’. But … we took the step and joined Intervac. A couple of months later we made our first exchange in Gent. Short but very sweet … and during that exchange we got in touch with a Swedish family for a second exchange. After more than 10 exchanges we still are amazed about the generosity of most exchangers. Sharing is fun and makes a holiday much richer. For us, exchanging houses is more than a cheap(er) holiday and that’s the positive message we try to give to people. Read more…

Hiren Goradia

IndiaHiren Goradia (INOC0501)

Hello! We are a family from India. We just love home exchanges as we meet wonderful people (on most occasions), explore the area at leisure and being vegetarian, get to prepare and eat our own food! Most of our exchange partners become our friends and we continue keeping in touch even after the exchange. Try out the Intervac way of seeing the world - mail me or call me anytime and I would be delighted to assist with any queries you may have!! Read more…

Laura Dossena

ItalyLaura Dossena (IT005642)

I am a 40 something freelance translator who absolutely loves traveling, see places, try new things. A few years ago, in 2008, I read about this “strange” thing called home exchange and I thought “It’s too good to be true!”. Home exchange turned out to be true indeed, and even better than I imagined. I have been trying to convey a small part of the awesomeness that is home exchange writing about it in my blog Read more…

Michèle Grangé-Martins

FranceMichèle Grangé-Martins (FR110198)

I am a member since 1990, when Intervac was with the paper catalog and postal mail, at that time I exchanged my house of Villandry, in Touraine ten times. I like this formula where we meet friendly people and various places and for which we can multiply indefinitely sightseeing and get new opportunities; I speak English and understand Spanish, I like to share my experiences in many areas in order to offer everyone an unforgettable encounters adorning them with our personal excellence! Thus, the exchanges become incredibly alive, interesting and exciting. Read more…

Luc & Claudie Jeannmasson

FranceLuc & Claudie Jeannmasson (FR010240)

We are both teachers, retired soon, and we are Intervac members since 1989: more than forty exchanges in France, Europe (ten countries), the United States and Canada. Currently we live in Auvergne, but next year we will be in Brittany, close to Paimpol. This experience of ambassadors tempts us because we love to share our enthusiasm for home exchange and help new members. Our first exchange was in the French Basque country in 1989 and since we have seen evolve Intervac materially (from paper catalogue to Internet website) and also in the spirit, because of the increased number of its members. Read more…

Alfredo Magalhães

PortugalAlfredo Magalhães (FR010240)

We are a couple who likes to travel, to know new places, new people and new ways of living. When we have the opportunity we always talk about this way of traveling, exchanging homes, and we show its advantages. But there are still many people who don’t feel confident with this kind of exchange. We intend to go on spreading and promoting this way of traveling and demystifying the false dangers which people are afraid of. Read more…

New National Representatives

The Board of Intervac wishes a hearty welcome to our new agents in Italy, Brazil and Slovenia!

Emanuela Zara
Emanuela Zara

Ary de Paiva Ferreira
Ary de Paiva Ferreira

Uroš Kristan
Uroš Kristan

Intervac is looking for Agents in countries where there is no local representative. If you are interested, please contact Lucien Mazik for information.

Summer Exchange Stories

Once Upon A Time…

Caroline and Nicholas Villers

There is something adventurous and thrilling about every home exchange but our summer exchange this year, with a family in Valmondois, was really exceptional. It facilitated a lovely wedding in Liège on a beautiful sunny day of July (yes, indeed, this is exceptional too!).

Caroline Pelc from Valmondois and Nicolas Villers from Liège are talented musicians working at Liège Opera, who met and fell in love in Brussels where they studied music. This summer, our house in Boncelles was the backdrop to an « international » family reunion when Caroline’s grandparents from US, her parents and younger sister from Paris all came for the wedding.

Meanwhile, in Valmondis, we enjoyed imagining the family, reunited, barbecuing on our sundeck and sunbathing at the swimming pool. We are very happy to have heard and read about the event and to know that our home is now part of their beautiful love story.

With our sincere congratulations again to the Pelc/Villers families.
From Huguette and Albert Lemort-Dor

Budget Holidays in Switzerland

Duarte and daughter - happy in Switzerland

This year, our family holidays made me feel special, lucky (and smart!). In the end I felt we achieved something quite against the odds. We were an average Portuguese family of four and we spent 9 days on vacation in Switzerland.

The first thing anyone learns as a tourist in Switzerland is that everything is expensive. In fact, prices in Switzerland are so expensive that, despite high wages, Swiss who live near the border cross into Germany on weekends to shop because the prices are much cheaper.

Read Duarte’s Tips for Budget Holidays in Switzerland at our blog.

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Online Improvements

Member Since…

Screenshot of Member Since badge

Ever wonder how long a perspective exchange partner has been a member of Intervac? Now, you can see it right on their listing. We are still updating our records for members before 2001, so please get in touch with your National Representative if your Member since year is incorrect.

Already Contacted…?

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This green checkmark on a prospective exchange partner’s listing reminds you that you have already had contact with this member in the past.

Sort Your Favourites

Sort your favourites to find your favourites

A lot of you have asked us if you can sort your favourites. So, over the summer we added a whole lot of ways to find your favourites.


Thinking About…

Nancy Carroll

I’m a real fan of the Good News Network. The other day, they ran a story about volunteers giving away pet food to families on the run from wildfires in Oregon.

What really touched me was the quote “It’s not charity, it’s sharing.” And I was reminded that not only are we all #RicherWhenWeShare but we home-exchangers are not the only ones who think so!

Have a great October, everyone!
Nancy Carroll - Editor

Home Exchange Photo Contest

The extended deadline for entries closes on 15 October, 2016 but there is still time to vote! We have some wonderful photos and you can still vote for your 3 favourites until October 30!

Voting is easy, just go to our Facebook fan page. Search for #happyphoto2016 and like the photos you think should win. The photo with the most likes wins and winners receive a one year membership to Intervac and for 2nd place we have 6 months free! Thanks to everyone who entered and now, go vote!