Online improvements, Ambassadors Program, Photo Contest and a new editor. There is a lot going on at Intervac these days.

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Lots More to Come

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International Ambassadors Program

We are starting the Intervac Ambassador Program again. Hazel Nayer started in it in Great Britain in the 1970’s. Jempi and Yolande DeCooman continued the tradition with their Belgian Board of Directors, a select few of Belgium’s most experienced members. They advise, promote and help out wherever they can.

Intervac Belgium's Board of Directors

Intervac Belgium’s Board of Directors

Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador for Intervac in your country? We would love to have you! Click here to send an email to to begin your application process.


Happy Home Exchange Photo Contest

A few of the winning photos from last year.

Here we go, everybody, it’s photo contest time again!

Find out more about the rules and prizes at our blog or on our Facebook page.

If you’re curious about the types of photos we are looking for, our Facebook moderator Ewa Krupska published a slideshow of our winners from last year.


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Nancy Carroll And right here at the very end; a quick word of introduction. I’m Nancy Carroll the new editor of your Intervac newsletter. Is there something you want to tell me about Intervac? Something you love? A great experience you and your family have had on your last exchange? Something around here makes you crazy?

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