Happy Home Exchange Photo Contest

Photo credit: Photos courtesy of our contest winners from 2016.

Our annual photo contest is open again! Come join the fun and share your happy memories and your best vacation photos with other home-exchangers!

Deadline for entries is October 1st, 2017. Voting begins October 3, 2017.

How Do I Enter? / What’s to Win?

Enter by posting up to three photos with a short comment about why you love Intervac and the home exchange lifestyle on our Facebook page!

The 5 photos with the most likes will win a free Intervac membership for one year.

Competition Photo Tips

  1. We’d love to see your happy family moments ideally with your exchange guests or guest families.
  2. Think photos of your houses/flats/gardens that might help us promote the home exchange lifestyle.

Come on, you know you have some great photos and we’re dying to see them! So, do it today or do it tomorrow but be sure to enter before the deadline!

If you don’t want to enter, but do want to vote, head on over to our Facebook album Happy Photo 2017 between October 3-17, 2017 and Like the photos you think should win.

Happy Photo 2017 competition rules

1 - Who can participate?

1.1 - Participation in this competition is open to all Intervac members that have an account with Intervac that is or was active in 2017 and have a Facebook account. Each member can participate more than once but can only win one prize.

1.2 - Intervac organizers, agents and employees, their spouses and children may not enter the competition.

1.3 - If you are under 18 years of age, you must get your parent/guardian to upload entries on your behalf.

2 - When will the competition run?

2.1 - Participants can enter the competition for three months, starting on July 1, 2017 and ending on October 1, 2017, 23:59 CET.

2.2 - After the end of the competition, a voting period of two weeks will start. Voting will begin on October 3, 2017 and will run for two weeks, closing on October 17, 2017 at 23:59 CET.

3 - How does it work?

Participants must:
3.1 - Post a home exchange holiday photo with a short comment about home exchange on the Intervac Home Exchange Facebook page. Suggested ideas for the photos are: home exchange house & partners, home exchange welcome, home cooking, local food, sightseeing, and home exchange fun.

3.2 - The post must include:

  • the photo mentioned in 3.1
  • a description or comment
  • the name, member number (or member e-mail) and country of the participant
  • the hashtag #happyphoto2017

3.3 - On October 2, 2017 an album titled “Happy Photo 2017” will be created on the Intervac Home Exchange Facebook page.

3.4 - From October 3, 2017 to October, 17, 2017 votes on the photos in the album mentioned in 3.2 will be accepted. Each Like on the photo counts as one vote.

4 - What are the prizes?

The five photos with the most votes win a one-year Intervac membership. In case of a tie in the number of votes, both participants will win a one-year Intervac membership.

Photos which infringe on the privacy rights, copyright or other rights of any person will be disqualified. The participant must be the author and sole owner of the photograph.

6 - Our Rights

Intervac retains the right to disqualify and remove photos that do not correspond to the theme of home exchange holiday or that contain explicit nudity or are considered offensive. By entering the competition, the participant grants Intervac International non-exclusive right to use the photo for promotion of Intervac International in any media. The photographer will be credited whenever possible.