About Exchange Dates

Your exchange dates are an important element of your listing. They help our search engine to match you with potential exchange partners so you’ll want to be sure to keep them current with all of the dates you when you want to exchange.

To accomodate members who offer their holiday homes as well as their everyday homes for exchange and also for our many members who enjoy non-simultaneous exchange, we have coupled exchange dates to your listing. You are able to specify separately when your holiday home and when your everyday home is available for exchange.

Once you understand this, it’s easy to remember how to change your exchange dates.

Getting There: Exchange Dates

  1. Login to your Intervac account.
  2. In the member navigation section My Listing click on Change my listing.
  3. From the Main settings page, click on Exchange information and Exchange Dates is the second section on that page.

Exchange Dates: View your notes, edit the dates or remove them when you have found an exchange for that time period.

Adding and Editing Exchange Dates

Editing existing exchange dates. This is the same form as the one for adding new dates.


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