My Favourites

My Favorites are a convenient way to save notes and a link back to listings that are attractive to you. The My Favorites section is linked from the top section of the Member home navigation.

Looking for Something Specific?

The Favourites Layout

In the screenshot below you can see:

  • The date you put this listing on your favourites page.
  • A checkbox, useful for removing multiple listings from your favourites page
  • The listing id and location of the member’s home
  • Photo of the member’s home.
  • Underneath the photo you will find information about their next exchange dates or current exchange availability as well as contact history and button.
  • The headline on the listing
  • The number of people who can sleep in this home.
  • The adults -vs- children make-up of this family.
  • Other details about the home.

Example of a favourite listing

Listing notes are private and are deleted if you remove the listing from your Favourites page.

Adding and Removing Favourites

Besides using the red “Trash” button on any listing on your Favourites page to remove a listing, you can also click the Favourite or Remove from Favourites button when you are looking at another member’s listing.

Click - added to your favourites. Click removed from your favourites

Making Contact with a Favourite

To make contact with the owners of a listing on your Favourites page, click the green “Contact” button underneath the photo. This will open up the contact dialog. It looks like this:

Request an exchange or start a conversation - our system has two options available for you.
To close the contact dialog, click the “hide” button.

Contacting Multiple Members at Once

To contact the owners of several of your favourite listings at once, use the link “Contact multiple favorites” from the Favourites navigation. It is highlighted in green in the screenshot below.

Underneath the recipients list and the message form, are the listings for all the active members on your favorites list. Add them to your recipients list by clicking the blue “+” button - and remove them by clicking the “Remove” link.

After you have set up your recipients list, fill in the message form and send.

You Have Been Added as a Favourite

Did you get an email that looks something like this one?

Example email

No worries, you don’t need to respond to it. It’s only an informational email. We just wanted to let you know that someone is thinking about an exchange with you.

Please, Make Them Stop!

If you don’t want to get any more email when other members add you to their favourites list, you can adjust your contact restrictions on the the Contact Information page.

Adjust your contact restrictions here.


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