Saving Search Criteria

The Save Search dialog is found at the bottom of the search filters on the search page. You must be logged-in to use this option.

To be fair to all members, and give you the best chance for success in approaching members looking for exchanges right now, Saved Search does not save the results of the search you run today. You can be assured that every time you re-use a saved search you will be looking at the freshest results our database has to offer.


Save search dialog

To Save a Search

  1. Set up your search filters
  2. Go to My Saved Searches
  3. Give your search a name
  4. Click “Save Search”

Use a Saved Search

  1. Go to My Saved Searches
  2. The searches you saved previously are links. Click the one you want to use.

To Delete A Saved Search

  1. Go to My Saved Searches
  2. Click the garbage can icon next to the search you want to delete.


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