Your Destinations Wishlist

Screenshot of the destinations wishlist

Use your Destinations Wishlist to communicate with our search engine. List all the places you would most like to go and we will make sure that, when it is appropriate, your home is presented to members who live there!

You don’t have to fill out your Destinations Wishlist but if you don’t, you will most certainly have to make all the first contacts. Raise your chances that members in living in places you want to visit can find and contact you too.

When members living in your wishlist countries use our reverse search, (and their other criteria don’t rule your listing out), our search engine will shows them your listing.

If you wonder what it means when I say “when other criteria don’t rule your listing out”. I mean that the searching family has not checked boxes to only see families with children (when you have none), or maybe their exchange dates and yours do not cross at all. Of course, in these situations you would not be a great partner for them. Of course, they would still find you if they removed or changed their criteria to match the information in your listing.

Open for All Offers

Be sure to check this box if you are willing to consider offers from members who do not live in one of the countries listed on your Wishlist. We really encourage you to do this and be open to the spontaneous opportunities that will come your way.

Adding a Destination

Click the Add a Destination button and begin typing the name of the country, region or city that you would like to add to your Wishlist. Choose from the list of options provided by Google and your choice will be added to your wishlist automatically.

Screenshot of the match alert page

Removing a Destination

Screenshot of the match alert page

Your Wishlist and Reversed Search

Wondering if your Destinations Wishlist affects other member’s reverse searches? It does.

The reversed search is a member asking our system to: Please show me other members who are specifically interested in visiting my location. Our system is specifically designed to help you and your next exchange partner find each other.

The rules our search engine follows are:

  1. If your Destinations Wishlist is empty, your listing will never be displayed in another member’s reversed search.
  2. If you have a checkmark in the Open for all destinations box, your listing will always be included when another member makes a reversed search.
  3. Your Destinations Wishlist is taken into account (countries, regions & cities) and your listing will be included whenever your one of your desired locations matches the location of the searching member’s home.


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