Frequently Asked Questions

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Trial Membership

Finding a Partner

Hmm, we don't think this would be fair to our other members and so it is not possible to make contact before completing your own listing. In order to arrange an exchange, your prospective partner will want to know more about you and your home. They will want to see photos of your home - their (maybe) vacation home. It's exciting and it's fun.

As soon as you have completed your listing, you can contact other members via a button on their listing and our messaging system.

If you can't see the contact button on another member's listing it is usually because you are not logged-in to your Intervac account. You can log in here.

The badges are awarded based on the number of exchanges a family has made. The scale looks like this:

  • Ready to Go = brand new home exchangers
  • Bronze = 1 -2 exchanges
  • Silver = 3 - 5 exchanges
  • Gold = 6 - 10 exchanges
  • Platinum = 11 or more exchanges

Read more in our guide: How to Become a Platinum Member .

When looking at a member's listing, you will find their references at the bottom of the Listing Overview tab.

  1. Be sure you are logged in to your Intervac account
  2. Click on Change My Listing in the member homepage navigation.
  3. Click the Show listing in the Hotlist? toggle switch.
  4. All finished.

More info and screenshots in this article: All About the Hotlist .

Four days and then it is automatically removed. You can add it again though if you are still looking for an exchange.

More info and screenshots in this article: All About the Hotlist .

To make contact with the owners of a listing on your Favourites page, click the green "Contact" button underneath the photo. This will open up the contact dialog and from there you can request an exchange or start a conversation. To close the contact dialog, click the "hide" button.

More info and screenshots here: My Favourites .

To make contact with multiple listing owners all saved to your Favourites, use the "Contact multiple favourites" link in the member navigation

More info and screenshots here: My Favourites
scroll down to the section "Contacting Multiple Members at Once".

Arranging Your Exchange

That is a short question with a long answer. You can find everything you ever wanted to know in our series: About Exchange Agreements
From the Exchange Agreements page, click on your partner's listing id. The link goes to their listing and from there, you can use the "Contact Member" button.

For more information, check out our About Exchange Agreements series.
No, they don't. Not until they are past exchanges. The system will automatically update the number of exchanges on your listing after the dates you filled into the exchange agreement have passed.

Your Membership

Renew your Intervac Listing Just log-in to your intervac account and click the link in the box on your member home page.

It's easy. Just contact your national representative and ask them to add second listing functionality to your account.

When they are finished, you'll see an option to make a new listing on your member homepage.

The make a new listing context box on your member home page looks like this. Just click the green button and you'll be ready to start filling in the details.

It's easy. If you can login, click on Emails and Logins in the member home navigation to get to the change password function.

If you can't login, you can either use the I forgot my password link on the login page, or you can contact your national representative and they can change it for you.

For screenshots and more information have a look at the Changing Your Password article in our guide.

Change your child's birth year

  1. Go to "Change Listing" > "Family Text and Photos"
  2. Scroll down to the section titled: Children
  3. Click the edit link next to the child you wish to change.
  4. Don't forget to save when you are finished.

For screenshots and more information have a look at the Changing Your Password article in our guide.

Your Listing

References seem complicated because our system gives you control over which of your partners appear on your listing, as well as for whom you are willing to provide references.

For screenshots and more information have a look at Understanding References .

You can edit the information about your family and your pets on the same page as you upload your family photos. To get there from your member homepage click on
Change My Listing in the left-column navigation.
Next click on Family Text and Photos .

From there scroll down to the section titled Adults and Occupations. You can set the number of adults and add their professional occupations too.

Our listings support the use of Markdown for formatting text in your listing. With Markdown you can easily make your text bold and italic, add links and lists too.

Read more about it in our tutorial: Formatting Text in Your Listing .

To override Google's positioning, you can drag and drop the icon to wherever your house actually is on the map. You can safely ignore the Google address that is shown just below the address box. After placing the marker where you want it - remember to save and it should appear properly on your listing from now on.

You can and it's easy. In the Neighbourhood section of your listing (Change My Listing > Neighbourhood Text and Photos) you will find the necessary form to add both the nearest airport and the distance from your home.

Screenshots and full instructions in the Nearest Airport article in our guide.

Adding icons to your map is not difficult but we thought it would be easier to explain with a few pictures. You can read our complete article on adding neighbourhood icons to your map in our guide.

No, at the moment, you can't.

When deciding which functionality to implement next, we pay particular attention to the stated wishes of our members soooo, if you would like to be able to use the icons on your neighbourhood map more than once, please feel free to send us an email or contact your national organizer via our web feedback form

We look forward to hearing from you.

Very experienced house swappers having made 11 or more house swaps In order to be a platinum member at Intervac, you'll need to complete at least 11 registered exchanges.

Read more about member badges and how to become a platinum member here.

If you are having trouble replacing your main photo with a new one, be sure that you have added some text into your home description. To do that you will need to change to the Home photos & texts section.

Also keep in mind that photo file sizes can not exceed 10MB.

Read more about how to change your main photo here.

You can rotate your photos with just a click. Here is a short article and some screenshots on How to Rotate Uploaded Photos.

Sortable photo card

It's really easy! You can sort your photos via drag-and-drop. Click on the the icon to drag and drop your photos in the order you want them to be displayed on your listing.

Your main photo will always be shown on your listing. For all of your other photos, you can choose which ones are displayed to visitors as well as members, and which are only shown to members after login.

Click the highlighted link to change your photo display

To change the display of your photo to members only, click on the link beside your photo.

Click the highlighted link to change your photo display

Click again to change it back.

At Your Partner's Home

In the case of minor unintended damage the best thing to do is inform your partner of the incident as soon as possible. Accidental damages – or domestic accidents of everyday life - are best solved directly between Intervac partners.

Tell your partner what happened and describe the damage. They are your best source of good advice regarding which product available in their country could fix the damage or, if you can not fix it yourself, your partner could have a preferred handyman or service to call. Depending on the gravity of the damage, insurance might be involved to cover a part or all of the replacement costs.


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