Home Exchange and the Sharing Economy

There is enough for everyone if we all just share.

We are all #richerwhenweshare. Try home exchange.

When we talk about home exchange with people who are not familiar with the concept, their eyebrows raise and all sorts of objections immediately surface.

But, as soon as the discussion turns to the “new” Sharing Economy, the same people suddenly get truly interested, They understand.

The Sharing Economy is making something you have available to others, when you yourself are not using it. Think about how you loan your neighbor your electric drill, garden tiller or car, when you are not using them and in return he loans you his tools, etc when he is not using them. We all know that this is a very economical way of getting things accomplished around the house.

And it is pretty much what we do when we exchange our homes for vacations. We are applying the “NEW” Sharing Economy concept to the home we, and others around the world, live in. When you are on vacation and not using your house there are other, very nice people around the world who are on vacation and not using theirs either. Why not share?

It is really simple. When sharing someone’s home the same rules apply as when sharing tools with your neighbor: Return it in as good or better condition than when you found it. Home exchange is the modern (and most economical) way to travel the world. Home exchange makes sense!!!!